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Destruction as an art form fills the air with awe.
What began as just a game—almost ended in a draw—
But fighting begets fighting, and some react too quick;
His legs where merely standing, but you snapped one like a stick.

You shatter the illusion and reveal what you have done;
While lost in the confusion from the fight that you have won.
Now you’re standing under arms, like a beast outside its cage;
Oh how easy life can turn in a single flash of rage.

As you look into the crowd, you have yet to see the worst:
Three pure souls of innocence that have seen your brutish burst.

Disgust and disappointment, but the cat is clearly shocked;
She saw you hurt the helpless; if only you had blocked.

You have gained the White’s respect, but then lost it in a flash.
Somehow her face got whiter, or maybe that’s just ash.

Your sister’s face is hollow, as if shock replaced her soul.
A rose that lost its petals—her innocence you stole.
Lost in the Confusion
RWBY V3C6 left me with a hell of an impression, so I decided to do some writing.


Drunken Soviet
United States
^Credit to :icon101darkclaw:

Hi there! This is my Deviant Art page. ^_^

Few things to get out of the way:
I'm Russian :-P
and I enjoy writing poetry and reading it too.

I write, once in a while/ more or less/ when the mood hits me... don't look at me like that >.>
Slowly moving over to tumblr:

so if you like my work follow me on tumblr (though some of my major work will still be posted on here)
  • Listening to: Panty & Stocking with Gaterbelt OST - See-Thro
  • Drinking: Carbonated water

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