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Lost in the Confusion
Destruction as an art form fills the air with awe.
What began as just a game—almost ended in a draw—
But fighting begets fighting, and some react too quick;
His legs where merely standing, but you snapped one like a stick.
You shatter the illusion and reveal what you have done;
While lost in the confusion from the fight that you have won.
Now you’re standing under arms, like a beast outside its cage;
Oh how easy life can turn in a single flash of rage.
As you look into the crowd, you have yet to see the worst:
Three pure souls of innocence that have seen your brutish burst.
Disgust and disappointment, but the cat is clearly shocked;
She saw you hurt the helpless; if only you had blocked.
You have gained the White’s respect, but then lost it in a flash.
Somehow her face got whiter, or maybe that’s just ash.
Your sister’s face is hollow, as if shock replaced her soul.
A rose that lost its petals—her innocence you stole.
:iconironor:Ironor 1 1
These days go on for eons yet nights are fractured dreams;
Where faces are familiar and names are edgeless screams;
When the words slide off the tongue yet lies are never gone;
When friendships are not questioned until the time of dawn.
Further in the rabbit hole you find yourself once more—
Deeper in your frozen guilt yet closer to the core.
All broken by desire yet living for what's left—
Engulfed by burning fire while living for the theft.
You're running with the shadows, yet stumbling in the dark;
You're tumbling through a meadow, yet falling in the park.
Though the night may still be young, the world has spun too far—
For the deeds done in the night determine who you are.
Raining on your masquerade, the dawn reveals the truth.
Washing down reality with innocence of youth.
Revealing all your actions, your motives all along—
The life that you have chosen, though chosen in the wrong.
:iconironor:Ironor 2 0
Broken Citadel
"Welcome home, beloved king, to your broken citadel;
To the broken, rusty swing and forgotten city smell.
In this autumn you've returned to your darkest pits to dwell.
This whole city has been burned and the people are not well.
I beg you for salvation! Save the people from this fate!
Please save us from starvation! Do not burn us in your hate!"
But the king just stands as stone, oh so broken by this sight;
He climbs back onto his throne, in the city bound in plight.
He just swings there, back and forth, and then looks into my eyes,
"Our god shall show no pity as he rips apart our lands;
This plague has torn my city, leaving nothing in my hands."
:iconironor:Ironor 2 0
Forming Dreams
A few more drops inside my glass--
This perfect poison costs some brass--
But I'll delve back into my dreams
Of endless time and living streams.
A tranquil world within my thought
Where my life's lessons have been taught.
I awake in dreary weather—
Falling snow is like a feather—
I feel this world is meant for me,
More beauty than the eyes could see.
I feel alert, I feel alive;
I find my friends when I arrive.
But my respect is never paid
For their attention never stayed.
But in that room I saw a pearl—
Neglected, outcast fellow girl;
I tried to talk, I tried to help.
Slightly sobbing, but no slight yelp,
She looked into my curious eyes
And then switched glare to where it lies.
With no words said I saw it all—
The troubling guy against the wall.
With my breath gone and spirit shot
I'm pulled away, right from the spot.
I wake back up and I feel worse
A wailing, creeping, sudden curse.
It climbs inside my weary head
And brings in thoughts of deep, dark dread.
I twist
:iconironor:Ironor 2 0
Sweet Flower
Please, sweet flower, don't let go;
Please grip tighter, let it show.
Pounding hearts in an embrace,
Breaking bounds of time and space.
Spill your feelings onto me;
Only human, such are we.
Broken halves can heal to wholes,
As we mend each other's souls.
So together we unite;
This world's bandits we shall fight
Through long-abandoned cites—
Their scavenging committees—
To find a final dwelling,
Away from all the shelling.
Through long days and longer nights,
We saw cities lose their heights.
Bombings, lootings, short-lived dens,
Dangers loses and new friends;
Yet you're the one I've fought for—
Why I have endured this war.
On a serene, desert lake our long journey meets it end.
As my mind becomes awake, this illusion it must rend.
Oh sweet flower, torn to shreds.
Held together by small threads
Only human, such we are;
The same mind and yet so far.
:iconironor:Ironor 2 3
Speeding World
Once a second, now a year;
Time has stopped forever here.
Essence in fragility,
Time is now futility.
Space expands beyond belief,
Yet it offers no relief.
Binding strands of space and time
Shattered by some written rhyme.
No emotion condescends,
Nor do any foes or friends.
Once an hour, now a day;
Feel the moment slip away
Now awakened from a trance,
Pulling strings of life and chance.
Blasted, echoed serenade
As the world begins to fade.
Actions seem required now,
So stand up and take a bow!
Speeding world before the eye,
Who sits still before they die?
:iconironor:Ironor 4 3
Broken people, roaming drones,
Splitting metal with their groans.
Pump their veins with gasoline;
Smear their joints with vasoline.
This is what we have become:
drinking oil instead of rum.
Wasting wasteless, all machines--
Farmers workers, or marines--
In this endless world of ours,
Lacking trees and open flowers.
Would you dare step out of line,
In this broken world of mine?
:iconironor:Ironor 2 2
The depression has returned, as your image clouds my mind.
Back when every thought was burned, ones like this were left behind.
I have feared this dark return, the arrival of relapse.
Everyone has what I yearn yet I must pick up these scraps.
What is worse is that I know by who I'm being outmatched
Next to them I'm way too low to stop you from being snatched.
Even still: they're all grown men, yet I just became a boy!
Now I see what happened then, how I lost all of that joy.
Everyone must stop a while to see that love is not a toy!
:iconironor:Ironor 1 0
Oh look at who just joined the pack—
A crawling, dusty, dirty rat.
Mangy hair across its back
Its dirty claw marks on the mat.
Refusing ally of my side,
Everlasting in its divide.
Tearing across my still-split scars,
Observing me like one does stars.
Overbearing, overthrowing
Forcing lies upon my knowing.
A well-known rat before my eyes;
Repugnant form of all my lies.
:iconironor:Ironor 1 1
Broken—shattered—out of place;
Soul and body fall with grace.
All for one and one for all,
Yet alone I take this fall.
A slow trod upon the stairs
While I say my few last prayers;
Slowly cutting all these strings:
Well-spun lies and binding things;
Before the twirling, swirling stars
I reveal my hidden scars.
Frozen air and cloudy breath
Tell cold tales of tortured death.
Winter friend no longer there
To relieve me of despair;
As I stand before my grave,
A bright exit from my cave,
I ponder my existence
And laugh at my persistence.
I step up and smell the air—
All alone and no one there…
I jump forth and reach for hands—
Cry for help from distant lands
Though I took a faithful leap
To cross the world while I sleep,
There was no one there to grab.
So I fell from disbelief,
Overtaken by this grief,
And I met a concrete slab.
:iconironor:Ironor 3 4
ID by Ironor ID :iconironor:Ironor 2 2
Mature content
Butcher Shop :iconironor:Ironor 4 6
Fallen soldiers, dying knights;
Useless wars and drawn out fights.
Every battle has a name,
Every drop regains its fame.
On the field of warring souls
Lie more mortals filled with holes,
All these mortals, fellow friends,
All have sought to meet their ends
But have only met their sin
As they all have tried to win.
Fighting for their own beliefs—
Farming land or coral reefs—
They have started these crusades
With shinned armors and new blades
Few returned to tell the tale
Near cured ham and kegs of ale.
:iconironor:Ironor 4 3
The Weaving of Each Word
I hold many secrets that most of you don't know
With each and every line, the seconds start to slow
And every single thought presents itself in air.
I close my eyes and fall, no longer in a chair
Inside this broken mind resides a ruling beast,
The core of my own soul that's partially deceased.
It fell prey to instinct and filled itself with sin
Now I come to feed it the grime of where I've been.
It smiles upon its luck and eats away this plague,
Cleansing me of troubles while making thoughts less vague.
This process takes great care, to keep this beast confined—
For if it gains control great troubles I will find.
So when this deed is done, my music guides me back;
It tames my angry beast and keeps my mind on track.
It binds me to this world and helps me to relax.
It helps me live through pain that stops me in my tracks.
Many of you asked, but not all of you have heard:
Today I bring to you the weaving of each word
:iconironor:Ironor 0 1
Winter Soul
I see my friend, two steps away.
He comes and goes, all to this day.
And every year he brings a gift
Of falling ice and winds that lift.
Within his eyes his sorrows stay.
His saddened glare presents his way.
Within his eyes I see a void—
His broken heart and soul destroyed.
I see myself, long gone and dead—
A frozen heart; an empty head.
"Is this what I will soon become,
An empty corpse that has gone numb?"
He stops, then turns and looks at me,
He rings his voice of freezing sea,
"Disheveled hearts within us both,
Torn by that loneliness we loath
I've seen your thoughts and heard your cries—
Her scarlet hair and silver eyes,
Her golden voice and words so nice,
Have caught your heart in frozen ice."
With his hand upon my shoulder,
As the land was growing colder,
His voice has echoed in the breeze
As it told tales of frozen seas
:iconironor:Ironor 5 8
Signs of Autumn
Kneeling at the broken window that was placed behind the bars
Then the memories come back from when they used to fuel the stars
Autumn's coming—I can feel it with the shivers down my spine.
It's chilling bones and breaking stones as it turns the leaves to wine
Evening sky—it's time to fly—but the clouds are spread so low;
Low and thick above my head—a sealed lid from head to toe.
Chiming tunes of hanging spoons send the long lost souls to rest.
Every night I fear the day, though I've got a week at best.
Hearing rain as it begins—falling tears of my old god.
As each drop drowns out the spoons, lightning thunders out a nod.
Rustling leaves within the gust as the wind flows through the land.
No more sins for me to hide, as atoned in here I stand.
Down past the trees, down yonder, lies a blinding storm more grand....
:iconironor:Ironor 1 6


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